Exactly what is SAP VIM?

The managing of vendors’ statements in the handbook approach can bring about problems in going into the right merchant brand from your invoice, and thus it can cause hold off in obligations from your client’s stop. The wait in obligations further more brings about a lot more total be compensated in the client on the vendor. To avert this time-ingesting task that might lead to silly problems, VIM or Vendor Invoice Management is commonly used. VIM can be a product or service of OpenText which happens to be an add more-on to SAP. It makes use of the OCR(Eye Figure Acknowledgement) way of dealing with receipts of providers. You will arrived at know further more in regards to the operating of SAP VIM Open Text training under.

Doing work Of SAP VIM

The workflow of VIM is explained while using methods listed below that happen to be

1.The invoice will be gotten either through an e-mail or document or fax.

2.It will be scanned afterwards.

3.It will likely be then sent to an archive host where it will be stored as being a file uniquely identified by a 30 digit alphanumeric variety.

4.The aforementioned-kept record will likely be delivered to SAP VIMwhere it receives scored like a 12 digit hexadecimal amount that is also known as DP variety.

5.To record the info on the invoice it is actually brought to ICC or Invoice Taking Middle host.

6.Soon after removal in the total data like dealer number, posting day, street address, and so forth, the papers is delivered back to SAP VIM.

7.After that, validation of web data takes place, in which it is checked out when there is any mismatching of data or there exists any lacking data, and so forth.

8.In case of no exclusion identified, the file will be delivered through MIRO(Motion in Receipt Out).

SAP VIM is principally good for automating the process of dealing with the vendor’s statements which wouldn’t happen to be simpler throughout the painstaking guidebook approach.