The famous Chianti wines have taken their name from an area in the countryside near Florence, the Tuscan wine’s origin. These wines are produced here and transported all over the world.
The Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti) has a fruity flavor coupled with the classic Tuscan dishes with a high acidity level. The wines use high-quality grapes from the Sangiovese vineyards, which gives it a rich taste. This region has optimal climatic conditions for the growth of grapes and agriculture.
Here is a list of the famous Tuscan wines:
Brunello di Montalcino boasts of being the most sought-after wine. It is named after the place of origin of the grapes used in its recipe. This wine is produced in a small area in the Chianti region. The quantity produced is often not able to meet the demand of the wine. It has a sweet fruity taste and a dark texture than other Chianti wines.
Tignanello is another variety of wine made by the famous brand Antinori. This wine is produced from a mixture of grapes grown in different regions. It is a combination of the Sangiovese grapes and French Cabernet. This wine is aged using oak barrels to enhance its flavor.
Vernaccia di San Gimignano is one of the best white wines available in the market. It is one of the first white wine to receive the DOC mark. It is produced using the finest grapes grown in the region. The wine is sparkling and fresh and fermented in oak barrels to produce the perfect taste.
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